Reaching People in
New Ways

By Dr. Michael Proud Jr., Director of Missions

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Hello Pastors and Ministry Leaders,


On July 1 we held a Zoom meeting regarding a new strategy to reach people living in a 5 to 10 miles radius around your church.  We called it our Facebook Ad Strategy.  This is being used by churches across the country as well as by churches within our association.  It is having great results with those churches which are using it.  This month for my newsletter article I want to share the link to this Zoom recording.  I truly believe this has great potential for every church willing to try it.  No evangelism strategy is a “forever” strategy.  But for now, this is working!


There are evangelism/outreach grants available to help with the cost of this, so if you are interested, please reach out to me and I will get you the contact information for the ads and the grant!


God’s Blessings,