Better Together
By Joni Lum, Children's Ministry Consultant

Joni Headshot Original_edited.jpg

In life, we often find mixed bags of blessings and this month has been one of those! I am so happy for Mike and his new adventure, and I am also sad. My first experience of Mike was during his early ministry at the OCSBA, when he reached out to my church, asking if he and the OCSBA team could come by and prayer walk our church. At the time, I was not very involved in OCSBA activities, and we rarely did things like prayer walks, but my pastor at the time agreed. This focus on being “Better Together” would play out repeatedly over the years, as Mike included and gave my church opportunities to serve and host events for the  OCSBA. We felt like we were part of something bigger, and felt inclusion as an ethnic church in the OCSBA through his efforts. 


Years later, Mike invited me to join his team to support our county’s teams that minister to kids. From Bible Drill to Kidmin connections and VBS, he helped bring OCSBA KidMin Leaders together. As an Asian American woman in the SBC, I have so appreciated Mike Proud’s welcome to our OCSBC family and his empowering leadership that values all and unites them for the Kingdom.  


I am a better leader and person because of you, Mike, and am praying and looking forward to hearing how you will bless and unite those in Colorado.