Defining the Win

By Joni Lum, Children's Ministry Consultant

I was driving last week and listening to a podcast, in which the speaker asked “what is the win?” At first, I ignored the question, but as I continued to drive, my mind started to wander.  What is the win for this season of kids ministry? Parents have told me how tired and overwhelmed they are. There is a yearning to go back coupled with the realization that it’s not yet time. There is a continuous the ebb and flow of emotions and anticipation that is exhausting. As leaders, what can we do to minister to families and kids during this time? Is the win having more programs? Or is the win a more difficult thing?  Our parents and kids need Jesus. They need personal connections with God that fuels and energizes them. They also need others. As we start to dream and plan for the New Year, pray and ask God, what does He want for your kids and families this coming year? 


Family Ministry Ideas for November/December:


-With the holidays approaching, we can anticipate that families will have more time than usual. They will be off and probably not be traveling as much as they might during a normal year. This might be a good time to plan some socially distanced social events, maybe a drive-in movie at church or a city-wide scavenger hunt or an Amazing Race? It could be as simple as a picnic, bring your own food and chairs.


-For Christmas, we are planning a Drive-Thru Living Nativity. We’ll hand out hot cocoa to our visitors in their cars and they’ll drive past shepherds that are looking for the rest of their shepherd friends. They’ll receive a coin, to “pay” their taxes and enter Bethlehem. As they drive, they’ll encounter a donkey rental stand and campground. After paying their coin to the Roman guards, they’ll enter Bethlehem, pass a noisy marketplace, the Inn, and newborn Jesus, angels, shepherds, and finally the wise men.


-Our subscription boxes are a hit! We are creating boxes with tools for parents and kids. These are aimed at helping kids engage with our online kids worship service. This coming month will include a poster that each kids will use to respond to the message time. It’s taking kids a few weeks to figure out what to do, but once they get it, I’m looking forward to kids engaging even more with the worship time. Contact me for more information.

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