It Only Takes One

By Bill Egan, Director of Church Planting
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As we consider how we will fulfill the command to go and make disciples I would like to bring to mind that challenges such as our current pandemic are not unique to our generation alone. In fact, every generation of Jesus followers has been faced with their own challenges. These could be persecutions, disease, wars, and rumors of wars or a multitude of other seeming barriers to the advancement of the gospel. The reality is that we are in good company with those who have gone before us.


In times like these, we can have a tendency to “circle the wagons” and retreat from the battle at hand. Paul charged young Timothy to continue the fight in spite of his challenges. He charged him to be ready in season and out of season. His charge was to push forward in advancing God’s Kingdom.


While each situation may require some retooling to remain effective, we are never released from our charge. Our current situation may not afford us the luxury of doing door-to-door evangelism, but it should never stop our efforts in making disciples.


Instead of focusing on modern evangelism methods that no longer seem applicable, perhaps relooking at Scripture afresh will set our course in these unfamiliar times. Throughout the New Testament, we see The Lord saving one individual and through them, their entire household believes in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Book of Acts is filled with this continuing pattern. 


It’s quite an amazing thing to see the impact a single believer can have on their family, friends, and acquaintances. Those who know us the most are those that have witnessed the transformation in our own lives. Unlike talking to complete strangers, those whom we already have a relationship with are people we can hopefully speak candidly with. This is especially true when in comes to spiritual conversations. Having “all the answers” is unnecessary. Simply being bold, honest, and transparent often allows us to have a more relaxed conversations about faith in Jesus. 


God saved you, and through you desires your entire household to believe. Who is in your circle of influence? Make a mental list of all those you know who still need to place their hope on Christ. Instead of circling the wagons, intentionally reach out to your circle of influence. God has placed us smack dab in the middle of THIS challenge in order to make disciples in our generation.