Walking Amoung Giants

By Bill Egan, Director of Church Planting

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While my wife and I were preparing to relocate our family overseas to serve with the International Mission Board, a very dear friend and mentor made a statement that stuck with us. While discussing the many challenges associated with missionary lives he said, “you will have the honor of walking among giants.”


He wasn’t referring to physical giants that we read of in the Old Testament, but rather spiritual giants. These giants came in all different sizes, genders, and nationalities. Some of the more well-known historical giants would be William Carey; Amy Carmichael; Adoniram Judson; Lottie Moon; Hudson Taylor, Jim and Elizabeth Elliot; and the list goes on. Others were less well known. These were the men and women we served alongside, those that had gone before us. Still, others whose impact may never be known this side of glory.


Each one of these “mentors” or “giants” if you will, leave a deep impression on our lives. Their lives set the bar of excellence high and compel us to go beyond what we could have ever thought or imagined. Walking among giants makes us better, stronger. Their lives encourage us to love Christ and the lost world around us more deeply.


As I contemplate the coming transition of our beloved Director of Missions Dr. Michael Proud to serve as the Colorado State Executive Director, I am once again reminded of the honor it is to walk among giants. For everyone who has had the privilege of calling Mike pastor, or friend you know to what I refer. He leaves his mark on each one of us.


A beautiful thing that is common among giants is they are usually completely unaware of the impact they make in the lives they touch. I think this is at least in part why we count it an honor to walk among them. If we take the time to read, look, listen, and watch, we will come to understand that we in fact walk among giants every day.