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Pastor Peer Groups

    Ministry Support is one of the most important aspects in the life of any pastor. Unfortunately, it is usually the one aspect which gets cut out of the schedule due to time constraints. Here at the OCSBA we have developed a ministry support strategy for pastors which we simply call, Pastors’ Peer Groups.

    Pastors’ Peer Groups are groups of pastors (4-5) who gather for the purpose of encouraging and strengthening one another. It is led by pastors, for the benefit of pastors. There is great strength which can be drawn from meeting with other men who face many of the same struggles, joys, and difficulties in ministry. These Pastors’ Peer Groups have been used to share ministry ideas & resources, as well as to take advantage of a time to fellowship with one’s peers.


    One of the aspects we have developed for our Pastors’ Peer Groups is short working retreats. The OCSBA has been building partnerships with area retreat centers to provide pastors an intensified and uninterrupted time away (at little or no cost) to focus on strategic ministry development. Pastors have used this time to:

  • Develop greater relationships with fellow pastors, which in turn help to strengthen relationships between churches.

  • Utilize the collective knowledge & experience of the group to find Godly solutions for specific issues faced in ministry.

  • Strategically build sermon series or ministry emphases for the future.

  • Quiet themselves before the Lord, taking advantage of an intentional time to seek His direction and guidance.

    Pastors’ Peer Groups are designed to help pastors in the unique role to which they serve. As pastors are strengthened by one another, they begin to see each other as partners in ministry thus demonstrating how we are truly Better Together!

    We are constantly seeking to start new Pastors’ Peer Groups. We have groups available for all pastors and in all languages! If you are interested in finding a Pastors’ Peer Group that will work for you, please let us know. Click here to email the office.

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