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Cultivating the Next Generation of the SBC

The annual convention meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention was amazing. If you didn’t get to attend, you missed out on something special. We are still basking in the afterglow of seeing our Director of Missions,Victor Chayasirisobhon, elected as 1st Vice President of the whole nation. Congratulations sir! Personally, it was my first national Convention and I was blown away by how big it was. Yet, despite that, it was also very small in its own way. What I mean by that is that even though we all were from different states and had different cultures and backgrounds, we were all united in our common desire to hold fast to Scripture and to do what is right according to the Holy Spirit’s guidance. It was also small because I ended up knowing so many people there. Everywhere I turned I saw another brother or sister in the OCSBA and it made this massive gathering of 8,000 messengers and even more guests feel like home.

Many of you know that our OCSBA youth ministries set a goal to be on mission for Jesus together this summer. This vision came to fruition as I had the opportunity to lead Crossover 2022—an evangelistic outreach that partnered with 35 churches across Orange County, LA County, and the Inland Empire. Students all across Southern California worked at their local churches (and some in partnership with other churches) to reach many for Jesus Christ. More than 300 people came to put their faith in Jesus Christ through these events and OCSBA played a huge part in making it happen.

Along with leading Crossover, I was blessed with the opportunity to be part of the Committee on Committees. This team selects people that will nominate key leaders in Southern Baptist life and we were charged with the challenge to search for people who value the next generation and diversity. Because of these responsibilities, I got to be on stage a few times and it was fun to be up there and behind the scenes encouraging leaders from across our nation. God is doing something through our team. Joni, Pastor Victor, Carol, myself and many others in our OCSBA team were on the grounds serving the SBC Annual Meeting and I’m proud of the work that our team put forth for that meeting.

I write all this to say—what will you do to be part of this? We have set the table and have stood on the shoulders of giants to get here. Will you be a part of making Jesus famous? Will you join us in building relationships and reconciliation across our nation? You too can be part of doing something bigger beyond your church. I hope that you can see that just like our Orange County team, you can do this too. Let’s be part of improving the next generation of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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