Church Planters

One of the ways partnerships are fleshed out at the OCSBA is through Church Planting. According to the 2010 US Census, Orange County’s population topped the 3,000,000 mark for the first time. However, at last count there were just over 800 main line Protestant and Evangelical churches in OC. This means if we are to reach our county for Christ, each local congregation must reach approximately 3,750 people! We are way behind in our efforts.Beside the sheer number of people in our county and the disparity of churches, we also face the need for reaching a county which is truly multi-ethnic. Orange County’s demographic diversity is astounding. Our county is ever shifting with 44% Anglo; 34% Hispanic; and 19% Asian; not to mention the vast number of other cultural groups. One report showed that in Orange County approximately 43% of our families speak a language other than English at home.



One way we are seeking to address this need of reaching our county is by birthing healthy congregations in our association. In order for this to happen, partners are needed. There are multiple needs in terms of partnerships, and we hope you will take some time to carefully consider how you might help support the work of church planting here in Orange County.

Pastor Rene Osorio


Ministerio Luz y Gracia.

12761 S Euclid St, Garden Grove, CA 92840

Sunday Service – 1pm  


Pastor Rene Osorio

God has a purpose for your life. We wait for your visit in order to strengthen your faith and encourage you to live your life in the light and grace for eternity!

Rene graduated from Golden Gate Seminary in 2012, during which time he was serving faithfully in the church Vida en Victoria in Bell Gardens. After years of ministry in the Los Angeles County, the Lord called Rene to serve as a church planter with Calvary Baptist Church Hispanic in La Verne Ca, where Rene was licensed as a minister of the gospel. Having the privilege to serve in children's ministry, preaching and teaching in convalescent centers for the elderly, and preaching on the radio KBLA 1580AM. Pastor Rene also received his license as a professional registered addictions counselor, RAS, CAODC.


Being called to serve in the Orange County location, Pastor Rene Osorio and his wife Nataliya were recruited to assist at a church plant in Garden Grove in 2014. In 2015, Pastor Rene assumed the senior pastor position in the local congregation and a new church, Ministerio Luz y Gracia was born, where Pastor Rene continues to faithfully teach and preach the gospel.

ZOE means LIFE in greek.


Experience LIFE in Christ to the fullest

Share LIFE together in Love

Bring LIFE to the Lost


That’s the 3-fold vision from John 10:10.


DJ and Suzie met and got married in Los Angeles and have a common love for coffee, trying new foods and all LA sports teams.  They moved down to Orange County and joined the staff of a couple of prominent churches that focused on reaching the city and surrounding community for Jesus Christ. Pastor DJ has a heart for people to be reconciled to God and to people around them.  The gospel message of faith, hope and love has the power to break down walls and bring healing.  He is addicted to seeing life transformation in the next generation.  Suzie and DJ have 3 boys (Ian, Luke and Jordan) who would love to meet you!

Zoe Church of Orange County

21151 Kensington Ln., Lake Forest, CA 92630

Sunday Service – 10:30am


Pastor DJ Crawford