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Graduation Ceremony

"Doyle Braden"

Memorial Scholarship

The Orange County Southern Baptist Association is proud to be able to fund scholarships for eligible students of Gateway Seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Applications for Summer 2024 are now closed. Stay tuned for the deadline for Fall 2024.  We would love for members of our OCSBA churches to take advantage of this blessed opportunity.



  • Students who are enrolled in a master’s degree program at Gateway Seminary

  • Students who are active members of an OCSBA partner congregation

  • Students who are called to continue or enter into ministry in an SBC congregation or entity.

  • Gateway Scholarships are available for one year at a time and application must be made for each academic year

  • Consideration for scholarships will be weighted toward students with higher GPAs


  • OCSBA funds are limited and available to a select group of students each year

  • Full-time students are defined as carrying 9 semester hours or more and are eligible for $1,000 per semester

  • Part-time students are defined as carrying 5 to 8 semester hours and are eligible for $500.00 per semester

  • Funds will be distributed from the OCSBA and sent directly to Gateway Seminary in the student’s name before the beginning of each semester.


Before you Apply

  • Have a current resume available in PDF format. You are required to email this along with your application to

  • Have your Gateway Student ID number ready

  • Know how many units you are planning on taking for the semester. (9 units and above are considered to be a “full-time” course load. 5 units to 8 units are considered to be a “part-time” course load.)

  • Have the name, phone number, and email address of a pastor of your current church.

Submit your
Application & Resume

Please take the time to fill out the information below.

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