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OUR Dream

The Orange County Southern Baptist Association has developed an Associational Dream Statement.What is an Associational Dream Statement? It is our reason for existence. It starts with recognizing who we are. The OCSBA is: A gathering of autonomous multi-cultural congregations seeking to advance the Kingdom together. It is from this reality our association has developed this Dream Statement: Churches Advancing the Kingdom Together. Our Dream Statement is the clarifying focus which defines what we exist to do. Our Dream Statement fleshes itself out into two areas:


1. Helping Churches Advance the Kingdom. This is done through: Resourcing existing churches, Training, Supporting, Strengthening, Developing strategy, etc… Anything the existing church deems necessary to help them advance the Kingdom where they are.

It also entails supporting and resourcing church planting so the Kingdom can be advanced in other areas of our county of 3,000,000 people. It does not matter the language or culture of the church, the association’s desire is to help ALL of our churches Advance the Kingdom.

2. Getting our churches working Together! What has historically defined us as Southern Baptists is the principle understanding that We are Better Together! Thus, the second aspect to our Associational Dream is to get our churches serving together for God’s Glory. It is here we are striving to build partnerships, but partnerships only come when we trust one another. Thus, we are seeking to provide opportunities for churches to do Missions and Ministry Together, and for our Pastors to grow in Christ & in relationship with one another. The more we know one another, the better we will work together for God’s Kingdom.

Our Associational Dream is a Timeless and Immeasurable declaration which serves as our Destination as an Association. We will never complete the journey, because there is always more to do. But, we are always striving toward this Destination. Before engaging any Ministry or Mission opportunity we ask one simple question; “Does this get us to our Dream?” The answer determines where we invest our energy & resources. This Associational Dream provides us with the clarity to stay focused toward our reason for existence; Churches Advancing the Kingdom Together!

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