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Director of Missions Letter

By Pastor Victor Chayasirisobhon., Director of Missions


Dear OCSBA family!


What a joy it has been to serve as your Director of Missions and to begin the S in the SEAL vision plan, solidifying our association and its relationships with other SBC entities as a family!  These past five weeks I have traveled to many different places from throughout our county, to Fresno, Tennessee, Dallas, and Georgia and all I have found is family that wanted to partner with us!  Praise God!


The COVID chapter of our history has been rough.  We have lost lots of friends and family and many pastors, like myself, are mourning the fact that some of our members that we thought were solid parts of our churches are not returning.  It has been difficult on the mind, the heart, and even the soul.  I understand because I am going through it with you.  It threatens to rob you of passion, hope, and vision.  Then when you think things are getting better, something else happens and you feel beat up even more and you wonder, "can't someone just take this cup from me?".  Yet, fellow pastors, ministry leaders, Southern Baptist long-timers, this path is the path that you are called to walk, and the great thing is that we don't have to walk it alone.  Even Jesus himself, as He carried the cross, gave the cross for a time to Simon of Cyrene, the father of Rufus and Alexander.  Simon helped our Lord carry it up the hill.  Since I learned about this man in the Bible, I wanted to be like this man, and that is why I named my son Alexander.  I was going to name him Rufus but my wife wouldn't let me.  Simon carried it up the hill and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ suffered and died for our sins in the greatest act of love this world has ever seen.


We are also in a battle coming out of this chapter. To rebuild our churches not only for our own generation but for the next generation as well.  Some of you worry that you won't be around for the next generation, and you are right. BUT your legacy will survive if you continue to fight on.  I aspire to fight on with all of you, and I would see all of our churches in the OCSBA back beyond their former glory, building towards a future that only God envisioned. I hope to be there to tell your story of the generation that endured, fought back against the night, and carried that cross all the way up the hill for Jesus.  Don't lose hope brothers and sisters, now is the time that we are better together, and we will celebrate that fact as we relaunch Resurrection Sunday Sunrise Service at Knott's Berry Farm at 6:00 am!  I hope to see all of you who don't have sunrise services there as it will be good to see us all together, singing to the Lord, and celebrating the Risen Son, amid the risen sun.  


I love you my OCSBA family.  For those of you who I have met, you know this.  For those of you who I have not met, I am going to find you and you will learn this.  We are going to make it by the grace, mercy, and power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


May God Bless You!


Pastor Victor Chayasirisobhon, D.Th., D.Min., M.Div., MAEL, M.Miss., MAIS

Director of Missions

Orange County Southern Baptist Association 


First Southern Baptist Church of Anaheim 


Chief Administrator / PDSO

Anaheim Discovery Christian Schools 



California Southern Baptist Convention 

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