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How to Make it Happen

The EBPT is a mobile unit containing everything needed to host an Evangelistic neighborhood Block Party.  An Evangelistic Block Party is a fun event sponsored by the church(s) to reach the community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Block parties are designed to catch the attention of the residents in a community by appealing to their interests and curiosity. Being held outside of the church walls, such as a park, city celebration, or beach location, EBPs help break down barriers between the church and the neighboring community. Unique, informal and great fun, EBPs provide abundant opportunities for churches to minister to their communities and provide a variety of platforms to share the gospel.

The EBPT offers ideas to multiply your outreach ministry in which your entire church family can participate.  As an OCSBA member you have the privilege of reserving the trailer, which is provided by the OCSBA, throughout the year for various evangelistic events to make your outreach ministry a reality in your own neighborhood. An OCSBA consultant is available to help you with your planning and implementation.

Evangelistic block parties provide great opportunities for churches to:

  • Increase presence – introduce or remind your neighbors that you are there to serve them both physically and spiritually.

  • Host kick-offs – block parties bring neighbors together where you can learn them by their names as well as holding kickoff events for your church ministries throughout the year.

  • Reach those under 18 – most people come to Christ under 18 years of age. The EBPT gives you an opportunity to reach the children in your neighborhoods.

  • Use the side door –ministries other than the Sunday preaching service (front door) are called side-door ministries, which provide several opportunities for neighbors to attend a non-threatening church event that helps to close the back door!

  • Build bridges – building relationships often are prerequisites for sharing the Gospel.  Your neighbors need to know you really care about them as a person.

  • Provide a variety of platforms to share the gospel

  • Minister to their communities

  • Improve their image in the community

  • Increase the harvest

  • Have fun with the un-churched

What’s inside the EBPT?

The use of the 8’ X 15’ Block Party Trailer includes:

  • 4 EZ-Up tents

  • 6 Tables

  • 12 Folding Chairs

  • Large Charcoal Grill

  • Generator

  • Large Moonwalker Inflatable Bounce House

  • Small Moonwalker Inflatable Bounce House

  • Portable Outdoor Sound System and Speakers

  • Microphones and Stands

  • Popcorn Popper, Corn & Bags

  • Snow-cone Machine, Syrup and Cups

  • Carnival Games

  • Board Games

  • Ice Chests

  • Coolers

  • Delivery & pickup of the trailer

  • In addition to the trailer and its contents, Mike Proud, your DOM, will contact your pastor to help with ideas for effective evangelistic events.

  • The only additional expense would be for expendables such as food, paper products, ice for the Snow-cone machine and gas for the generator, if used.

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