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Churches Advancing the Kingdom Together

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The Orange County Southern Baptist Association was constituted on October 10, 1952. At its inaugural meeting, the association consisted of 9 churches throughout the county. The 1950 US Census reported Orange County as having 19 cities and a population of just under 152,000 people. Over the course of time, our county has grown and changed, but our association’s focus has remained the same; Finding ways to reach people for Jesus!

Today, Orange County is home to over 3,000, 000 people who reside in 35 cities. Even though we are the smallest county geographically in Southern California, we host the third largest population base in the state. But numbers alone do not tell the story! The 2020 US Census report tells us that we are a diverse county with people from many different nationalities calling Orange County home. It is also reported that approximately 40% of families in Orange County speak a language other than English at home.

The Orange County Southern Baptist Association is made up of 145 autonomous Southern Baptist congregations representing 51 nations and speaking 12 different languages in worship. Our diversity is our strength. The Lord has brought the nations to us and we are constantly seeking new ways to Advance His Kingdom Together. Welcome to the OCSBA!


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"Churches Advancing the Kingdom Together"

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