Together, We Rise

By Josh Sanchez

Youth Ministry Consultant

Josh Headshot Original_edited.jpg

It goes without saying that the past few months have been challenging in life and ministry. While we all have faced unique challenges, the common factor for all of our ministries is the fact that we are all adjusting to another new normal. This time last year we were learning how to do life fully online. Many of you have probably adjusted to doing ministry in a hybrid format where some are online and some are in-person. As I look to the future, I am now looking at what does it look like for life to return to in-person once again? How will ministry change? Will we go back to the same stuff we did in 2019? I ask these questions because I encountered something strange a few weeks ago in my personal ministry—100% of my students were in person. No one came online. And while that felt good—it felt weird. So as California continues to recover from this pandemic, and as your ministry sees itself starting to rebuild, what will you value? What will you keep? What will you do differently? However God leads you, let’s rise together. Let’s be intentional about unity after a season of separation. My challenge to you this month is to not just go back to what your group always did but to take the time to dream about who God wants your group to become as you rebuild and rise up once again.