Like Mike

By Josh Sanchez

Youth Ministry Consultant

Josh Headshot Original_edited.jpg

In 2002, a movie came out called “Like Mike.” It was all about a young boy who dreamed of being like Michael Jordan. One day, through a miracle, the main character finds a pair of shoes strung over some power lines that made him “like mike.” The boy miraculously gained Jordan-esque basketball skills and became a professional NBA player. While this is clearly a fictional story, I believe that all of us can be “like Mike” too—but I’m not talking about Jordan. I’m talking about a better Mike, Dr. Michael “Mike” Proud.


Many of us have heard the bitter sweet news that our beloved DOM, Mike Proud will be moving to Colorado to become the State Executive Director for the Colorado Baptist General Convention. Dr. Proud has served as our DOM for 10 years and he has been more than a glue for our association, he has been a catalyst. His vision has strengthened our association through his love for Jesus and love for all of us. Many of us have memories about how he has helped our churches become better together through mission festivals and encouraging collaboration for the Kingdom. Without Dr. Proud, I would not have had the opportunity to connect our OCSBA youth ministries together. Without Dr. Proud, I would never have had the chance to share my heart through this newsletter. I’m forever grateful to Dr. Proud for giving a young guy like me the chance to serve God’s greater Kingdom. 


So be like Mike. Be someone that gives others a chance and disciples them to become greater. Have a vision for your life and ministry that is bigger than the moment. Encourage and equip others because when others win, we all win. Love you, Mike, thanks for all you’ve done