Who Be There?

By Josh Sanchez

Youth Ministry Consultant

Josh Headshot Original_edited.jpg

When I was in high school I traveled a lot. I went on trips for school for competitions. I went on camping trips and to conferences with my youth group. I traveled for student events at least three times a year and that did not count any family trips. During those high school trips with my friends, it was common for us to visit each other’s rooms and hang out. For some reason whenever a guest would come to the door I would say “Who be there?” I don’t remember why it started or who said it first, but it just became a thing I said. Today, I want to ask that same question to you as you read this article, “Who be there?”


Why do I ask this? As you read this, I want you to ask yourself who YOU are and who your youth group has become during this last year. Of course, you know your name and what your church is called, but as we all know, we are more than our names. We all have an identity that describes us. We can be introverts, extroverts, athletic, or even musical. Our groups can be evangelistic, friendly, closed-off, fun, academic, or serious. There’s a myriad of words that we can use to describe ourselves and our groups. What I want you to think about today is how has this past year affected your identity and your group? What has it revealed about what is important? Our culture has made health, cleanliness, and comfort extremely important over the past year — almost to a fault. While these are good things to have, Let me suggest two simple things to realign our identities with Christ. 


First, you and I are children of God. Let me keep it simple for you. It doesn’t matter what you did or didn’t do in the past year. Our performance does not change our identity in Christ. Our performance does not change our identity in Christ. One more time: Our performance does not change our identity in Christ.


Second, our churches and youth groups are a part of God’s kingdom. All of us have different words for fleshing that out, but if we can simply remember that we are called to be holy and must call others to holiness, then I believe it will keep us on the right track this summer.


Who be there? The activities and coming back together are a breath of fresh air, but who we are is more important than what we do. 


Blessings to you.