Leading to Rise Again   

By Josh Sanchez

Youth Ministry Consultant

We’re about 3 months into 2021. How are you doing? Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel? If you don’t, open your eyes! It’s almost here. I don’t say that prophetically so don’t stone me if I’m wrong, but as we look at how the conversation is shifting in the world about this virus I believe that by the summer life will begin to feel a little closer to normal. I think we will still be practicing some healthy precautions, but I do think that there will be a greater sense of hope in place of the subtle anxiety that seemed like a cloud over everyone. 


The question I want to challenge you to think about is this: what will you lead people towards in 2021? Will you lead them towards hope or anxiety? Will you lead them to division or peace? Will you lead them towards caution or reckless abandon? I want to challenge you to not focus simply on moving towards a mask-free ministry, but to focus on a healthier ministry—both physically and spiritually for all of your people. Set a vision for what is BEST for 2021 and take steps in the right direction. 2020 challenged us to strip away the non-essential things. 2021 is going to be about building up the core parts of our ministries that we need to move forward together. I pray that God will give you bold leadership today. With Easter on the horizon, lead people to the risen Jesus and see how the power of his resurrection will resurrect hope in your people. 


If you ever want to chat about ministry, let’s talk. I’d love to connect. 

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