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Trust & Inspire

One of my favorite things to do while I’m driving to the office is to listen to podcasts. One recent podcast I listened to was an interview with Stephen M.R. Covey. In his new book, “Trust & Inspire,” he builds a case for leading this next generation of young leaders through trust and inspiration. Although he writes to older leaders of younger leaders, I’ve found his truths apply across generations.

When I reflect on the leaders that I’ve had, from Bonnie, my first manager at May Company, to Tony, my first church leader, I can see how motivated I was to bring my best when I knew that I was trusted. Their belief in me, and trust that I could do what I was responsible for, brought out enthusiasm, creativity, and commitment. It was life giving.

I wondered, how am I leading my team? Do I trust my team? I want to lead my team well, for them to know that I trust them to carry out the ministry God has given them. If we want an engaged and empowered team, we have to lead with trust.

How are you leading?

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