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Building on the Moment of the Resurrection

By Josh Sanchez

As we reflect on the goodness of Resurrection Sunday, I would like to focus our minds on the next moves of the early church as recorded by the writers of the Bible. The movement of the gospel did not stop with Christ’s death and resurrection.

God had a plan to grow and spread this message to the entire world and it all hinged on His apostles fulfilling the Great Commission. In other words, the strategy that God used to grow the church was focused on evangelism and missions.

Jesus kept it pretty simple, right? Go and make disciples. I believe most (if not all) of us are trying to rebuild our churches again. Let's build on the momentum of the victory found at the empty tomb. He is risen, He is risen indeed! Let’s keep it simple and get our people equipped to fulfill the Great Commission!

If you need any resources to help equip your students with sharing the gospel, I’d love to chat. -

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