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"Invite Back" Events!

Wow! The SBC Convention did not disappoint. There were so many opportunities to connect with fellow leaders and to make our voices heard on some really important issues.

Grateful for the opportunity to host Kids Ministry Leaders during the week. We had around 35 leaders join to hear from Chuck Peters, head of LifeWay Kids, and Landry Holmes, manager of LifeWay Kids Ministry Publishing. They encouraged and blessed our guests.

I just finished my Kids VBS, it was again a “different” year, coming off of the pandemic. We experienced kids attendance growth of over 20%, leader growth of 40%. We’re tracking the pattern for churches right now, with our attendance at around 70% of our pre-pandemic level.

For those of you who are in the midst of planning, don’t forget to schedule “invite back” events. As part of your strategy, plan events to invite attendees back to. Here’s what I’m planning:

Baptism Milestone Class: Sunday after VBS, for all those new believers! This is a family event, a parent must attend with their kids. Such a great time to remind or educate parents about baptism, while we are teaching and preparing kids for baptism.

NerfDog2: Evening of Nerf fun and Hot Dogs, Wed. After VBS. We wanted to plan an event that would be easy and fun, and scheduled soon after VBS. This is a family fun night, with parents staying and playing with their kids.

Splashball Day: With the July 4th weekend we waited a week for our after church fun day. We are hoping families will check out our Sunday services, and scheduled this right after. Families will bring their own picnic lunches, we’re renting a water slide and setting up wading pools with water and for bubble play. We could also play splash ball (Kick Ball with wading pools for bases). Easy and relaxing, just right to give families a chance to make new friends.

What are your invitation back events? Let’s share, because we are better together!

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