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Kids Ministry, CSBC, and AB506

Just about a week ago, the CSBC sponsored a seminar with Church West on complying with AB506. After a number of ups and downs, my church is finally set up to order and receive LifeScans. We started the process at the end of January! It took a long time because my church’s two CORs (Custodian of Records) left and I started the process to be approved as a COR back in early April. I received approval Mid-July. It took around 1 month longer than expected. I think things are pretty busy with the approval folks, you will want to get started on this now!

If you have not had a chance to watch the seminar, watch it! The Church West team has done an amazing job of distilling the law and compiling a guide to what we need to do. In order to be in compliance, each church must, at a minimum, do 3 things:

1. Meet new training requirements.

2. Meet new screening requirements.

3. Meet new requirements for policies and supervision.

Many thanks to the CSBC for providing a way to meet the first requirement, to train for child abuse and neglect identification and reporting. This can be met at no cost by completing the online mandated reporter training provided by the State Department of Social Services, which is estimated to take 6 hours for clergy, 4 hours for employees, and 2 hours for volunteers. CSBC is providing, for all California CSBC Churches, a 90 minute mandated reporter training through This is such a great service by the CSBC, your volunteers won’t have to train for so long, and ChurchHRNetwork has customized the training to the church environment.

As I’m walking through the process for my church, I’m happy to assist by sharing my experience as you work through the process at yours. Because we will have to onboard so many people, I am also going through the process to become an authorized applicant agency that provides our own LiveScan services. Find out more at the CSBC website,

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