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Leading Someone to Christ this Summer

Can you believe summer is already here? It felt like just yesterday that we were ringing in a new year and before you know it, we’re halfway through! What are your summer plans? If you don’t have any yet, I want to encourage you all to make it a goal to lead people to Christ this summer. Summer can be an easy-going time for many students so their schedules are more open. Can we use those extra hours to do some 1-on-1 or 1-on-few discipleship? Can this be the moment that you finally that have that conversation with someone about Jesus? Now is our time! Don’t wait for the new school year to roll around for spiritual conversations to take place.

This is exactly why our association is kicking off the summer with a united missions effort to reach the lost through an event called Crossover. Crossover is a collaboration between NAMB, the national convention, and our local associations to reach Southern California for Christ. It’s all happening on June 11th! If you or your church aren’t doing any evangelistic outreaches this season, I want to encourage you to reach out and I can work on connecting you with another church that is doing an event.

Lastly, the SBC National Convention (June 12-15) is upon us. It will be a busy time for all of us, but if you’re not doing anything, I want to encourage you to find ways that you can serve our national convention. If you need to know ways you can help, please reach out and we’d love to get you plugged in.

Love you all, let me know how I can serve you this summer.

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